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About Us

Founded in 1991, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, a mature and motivated department with 23 faculty,  363 undergraduate, 221 graduate and 33 PhD students, excels in academic proficiency as well as in intercollegiate activities and competitions. All faculty members received PhD degree from prestigious universities worldwide and own solid industrial experiences. Our teaching efforts endue students with professional knowledge in ME fundamentals as well as in multidisciplinary applications. Our Engineering Degree programs have been accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) since 2005. Due to the geographical advantage of being located adjacent to the 60-km long Precision Machinery Technology Valley and the Central Taiwan Science Park, the Department conducts intensive collaborative research with top-tier precision machinery and machine tools industries. A considerable portion of our annual budget comes from industry. The department exhibits high caliber research strength and capability, enjoys outstanding reputation especially recognized in machine tools and smart manufacturing.

 Programs and Curriculums  

The Department offers BSE, MSE and PhD programs that shape our graduates into professional with innovation-creating, problem-solving and leadership skills. Major courses in MSE and PhD programs are taught in English. The curriculums are arranged in four basic disciplines:

● Structural Mechanics and Advanced Materials,

● Machine Design and Manufacturing,

● Fluid Mechanics and Thermo-Engineering 

● Automation and Control


Extended from the basic disciplines, there are five multidisciplinary areas:

● Precision Machinery and Machine Tools,

● Optomechatronics,

● Nanotechnology and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS),

● Biomechanical and Biomedical technology

● Emerging Green Energy Tech

Research Emphasis

Through the consistent training in conducting multidiscipline and trendsetting research the graduating students are well prepared for professional career tracks as outstanding researcher or engineer with lifelong learning skills or for leadership career in academia or industry bearing innovative thinking. The Department is home to four interdisciplinary research centers. These research centers are also core elements comprised in the university-level institute "The Advanced Institute for Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI)" funded by MOE under the aim for "Top-tier University Project".


The University and the Department provide Scholarships for top local and international students. These include tuition waivers, free accommodation, research/teaching assistantships (RA/TA), third-party or external funding from Industry, etc.


Mechanical engineers are the backbone of the profession and work in every industry. MEs with higher degrees are highly demanded in the thriving community. The Alumni of CCUME, equipped with firm fundamental knowledge and problem-solving capability, enjoy a high reputation as excellent-qualified engineers in the machine industry as well as in many other sectors of industries in Taiwan.

Pursuing MS or PhD degree at CCUME is a promise to the development of your professional career. Make a right decision in investing in your future --join us at CCUME.

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