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Cheng, Jung-Wei John Professor



Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, The University of California, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.


Control Theory and ApplicationsPrinting-Based Fabrication of Flexible Electronics
Extension 33315
E-mail imecheng@ccu.edu.tw
Office College of Engineering(II) R523
Lab Factory R203
Journal Papers

1. Cheng, J.-W. J.*, Ho, J.-R., Tseng, Y.-W., Su, H.-J., Chien, C.-H., Tsiang, R. C.-C., Hsu, C.-C., Chen, T.-R., Chiang, C.-Y., 12/2012 (SCI) “Block copolymer alignment method for mobility anisotropy and enhancement of poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin-film transistors,” Polym. Eng. Sci., vol. 52, pp. 2581-2587, 2012. (IF:1.302, Q2) NSC 99-2627-E-194-001, 99-2120-M-194-004, 99-2221-E-194- 033-MY2

2. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, Cheng, J.-W. J., and Hsieh, Y.-P., 04/2012, (SCI expanded) “Characterizations of photoconductivity of graphene oxide thin films,” AIP Advances 2, 022104 (9 pages) 2012. NSC100-2221-E-194 -056 -MY3, NSC100-2676-E-194-001

3. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, and Cheng, J.-W. J., 10/2011, (SCI) “Fabrication of all-tube p- and n- type carbon nanotube field-effect transistors by laser transfer method,” Lasers in Engineering 21, pp. 281-288, 2011 (IF: 0.159, 2011, Q4) NSC 97-2221-E-194-058-MY3

4. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, and Cheng, J.-W. J., 07/2011 (SCI), “Fabrication and patterning of carbon nanotube buckypapers using pulsed laser separation,” Applied Physics A – Materials Science & Processing, vol. 105, pp. 691-698, 2011 (IF: 1.765, 2010, Q2) NSC 97-2221-E-194-058-MY3, NSC 98-2627-E-194-001

5. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, and Cheng, J.-W. J., 05/2011 (SCI) "Fabrication of transparent double-walled carbon nanotubes flexible matrix touch panel by laser ablation technique," Opt. Laser Technol., vol. 43, pp. 1371-1376, 2011 (IF: 1.616, 2010, Q2) NSC 97-2221-E-194-058-MY3 (This work was one of the Journal’s top 25 hottest articles (15/25), http://top25.sciencedirect.com/subject/engineering/12/journal/optics-laser-technology/00303992/archive/33 )

6. Lin, Y.-W. and Cheng, J.-W. J.*, 10/2010. (SCI) “A high gain observer for a class of cascade-feedback connected nonlinear systems with application to injection molding,” IEEE-ASME T. Mech., vol. 15, pp. 714-727, 2010 (IF: 2.577, 2010, Q1) NSC 95-2221-E-194-039-MY3, NSC 98-2221-E-194-052

7. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, and Cheng, J.-W. J., 06/2010 (SCI) "Characterization of developing source/drain current of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with n-doping by polyethylene imine," Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 87, pp. 1973-1977, 2010 (IF: 1.575, 2010, Q2) NSC 96-2221-E-194-044, NSC 95-2120-M-194- 003

8. Chen, K.-T., Lin, Y.-H., Ho, J.-R.*, Cheng, J.-W. J., Liu, S.-H., Liao, J.-L., Yan, J.-Y., 04/2010 (SCI) “Laser-induced implantation of silver particles into poly(vinyl alcohol) films and its application to electronic-circuit fabrication on encapsulated organic electronics,” Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 87, pp. 543-547, 2010 (IF: 1.575, 2010, Q2) NSC 95-2221-E-194-052, NSC 95-2120-M-194-003

9. Chang-Jian, S.-K., Ho, J.-R.*, and Cheng, J.-W. J., 03/2010 (SCI) "A flexible carbon nanotube field emitter fabricated on a polymer substrate by a laser separation method," Solid State Communications, vol. 150, pp. 666-668, 2010 (IF: 1.981, 2010, Q2) NSC 95-2221-E-194-052, NSC 95-2120-M-194-003

10. Cheng, J.-W. J.*, Ho, J.-R., Peng, T.-Y., Wu, N.-Y., and Huang, C.-M., 08/2008. (SCI expanded) “Directional spin coating and its feasibility for fabrication of polymeric light emitting diodes,” J. of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers, vol. 29, pp. 341-346, 2008. NSC 95-2221-E-194-039- MY3, NSC 96-2120-M-194-006, NSC 96-2120-M-194- 002

11. Lin, Y.-W. and Cheng, J.-W. J.*, 3/2008. (SCI) “Model-based melt flow virtual sensors for filling process of injection molding,” Polymer Engineering & Science, vol. 48, pp. 543-555, 2008 (IF: 1.245, 2008) NSC 95-2221-E-194-039-MY3

12. Ho, J.-R.*, Shin, T.-K., Cheng, J.-W. J., and Sung, C.-K., Chen, C.-F., 4/2007. (SCI) “A novel method for fabrication of self-alignment double-layer microlens arrays,” Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 135, pp. 465-471, 2007 (IF: 1.348, 2007) NSC 93-2212-E-194-008, NSC 94-2212-E-194-002.

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Conference Papers

1. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 趙子敬, 黃柏峯, 張力航, 12/2011. 射出成型裝置之融膠波前軟體式感測方法, 中華民國專利(發明第I353923號)民10012

2. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 洪緯璿, 朱家德, 巫翔裘, 林煒淳, 王唯本, 03/2011. 以微接觸印刷技術為主之全彩有機電激發光二極體陣列製程之方法, 中華民國專利(發明第I342077號)民1003

3. Cheng, J.-W. J., Lin, Y.-W., Chao, T.-C., Huang, B.-F., and Chang, L.-H. 7/2010, Method of sensing melt-front position and velocity, US Patent (US7,758,780) 7/20/2010

4. Cheng, J.-W. J., Ho, J.-R., Peng, T.-Y., Wu, N.-Y., Huang, C.-M., 2/2010. “Method of fabricating passive matrix organic light emitting diode array,” US Patent (US7,662,426) 2/16/2010

5. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 洪緯璿, 朱家德, 巫翔裘, 林煒淳, 王唯本, 12/2009. “一種使用預潤濕技術之建基於物理吸附的微接觸印刷方法,” 中華民國專利(發明第I318334號)民9812

6. 何正榮, 鄭榮偉, 宋震國, 張簡相國, 01/2009. “製造奈米碳管圖案之方法,” 中華民國專利(發明第I305194號)民981

7. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 彭子洋, 吳南儀, 黃親民, 08/2007. “有機電激發光二極體陣列製作方法,” 中華民國專利(發明第I284992號)民9681

8. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 11/2006. “一種形成線性圖案的方法,” 中華民國專利(發明第I265379號)民9511

9. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 11/2003. 射出裝置智慧型疊代學習充填及保壓控制方法, 中華民國專利(發明第196025號)民9211


1. 鄭榮偉, 呂冠毅, 蘇宏杰, 邱致豪, 10/2010. “軟性電子薄膜圖案化與載子遷移率提升之製程研究(I),” 國科會計畫年度報告, NSC 98-2221-E-194-052

2. 鄭榮偉, 陳溪泉, 邱致豪, 08/2010. “以表面科學與物理高分子學分析微接觸印刷機制之研究金屬工業研發中心計畫期中報告

3. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 12/2009. “微接觸印刷先期研究,” 金屬工業研發中心計畫期末報告

4. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 何英傑, 10/2009. “智慧型微/奈米成型控制 Phase II (3/3),” 國科會計畫年度報告, NSC95-2221-E-194-039-MY3

5. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 07/2009. “微接觸印刷先期研究,” 金屬工業研發中心計畫期中報告

6. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 吳璟毓, 徐詠堂, 06/2008. “智慧型微/奈米成型控制 Phase II (2/3),” 國科會計畫年度報告, NSC95-2221-E-194-039-MY3

7. 鄭榮偉, 吳南儀, 黃親民, 陳亭瑞, 8/2007. “線性方向旋轉塗佈技術與高分子顯示器製程,” 教育部顧問室影像顯示科技人才培育計畫, 96 年專題實作競賽

8. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 鍾智雄, 吳璟毓, 6/2007. “智慧型微/奈米成型控制 Phase II (1/3),” 國科會計畫年度報告, NSC95-2221-E-194-039-MY3.

9. 何正榮, 鄭榮偉, 廖弘宇, 12/2006. “奈米碳管之雷射局部植入製程研究,” 工業技術研究院計畫結案報告, 中華民國九十五年十二月

10. 鄭榮偉, 林郁偉, 李維遵, 鍾智雄, 10/2006. “智慧型微/奈米成型控制 (2/2),” 國科會計畫年度報告, NSC94-2212-E-194-003.

11. 鄭榮偉, 何正榮, 朱家德, 林恆勤, 郭奇壅, 余雅婷, 徐志翔, 徐瑋駿, 許智翔, 12/2005. “平面顯示器薄膜(軟板)塗佈製程研究,” 工業技術研究院計畫結案報告, 中華民國九十四年十二月

12. 何正榮, 鄭榮偉, 黃志彬, 江晟鎰, 林鈺璇, 余佾耿, 12/2005. “高速組裝基礎原理特性研究,” 工業技術研究院計畫結案報告, 中華民國九十四年十二月


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