學術倫理Academic Research Ethics
學術倫理Academic Research Ethics

Academic Research Ethics

According to the regulations indicated in the Execution Guidelines of Academic Ethical Education for Graduate Students at National Chung Cheng University, Graduate Students who entered the university from 2017 must be enrolled to the course of academic Ethical Education.

The way of study:

  1. Students should go to the university’s network page in the first semester after admitted to the university to go ahead own study upon this course through the network teaching platform at Taiwan Academic Ethical Education Resource Center (URL: number is student’s identification number, preset secret code is last five digits of student’s identification number, where the code may be changed after this goes through.)
  2. Students who finished the study of Academic Ethical Education in all its key components and passed the overall examination may download at network for application of certificate for proof of completing this course. This course and its grade are not to be shown on the regular grades record throughout the years of study.
  3. Students must show proof on completion of the course of Academic Ethical Education, or exemption on studying the course, or related substitution to taking the course. Then, the students may apply for degree examination.

Platform of Chinese user’s instructions:

Platform of English user’s instructions:

  1. If there is change on student’s Chinese and English names, you may consult with the procedure in Application Procedure for Name Change on Course-Completion Proof and Form Downloading:

If there is related problem about network operation, please consult with Resource Center of Taiwan Academic Ethical Education:

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