Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Bio-medical engineering is a discipline research field that integrates biology, medicine, and engineering knowledge to solve for medical and biological problems. The expertise used in this research field includes fluidic dynamics, micro-nano technology, biology, chemistry, control and automation, optoelectronics, circuits, and signal processing.


Industrial applications in bio-medical engineering includes biosensors, diagnosis, assistive devices, health care, wearable devices, dental materials, and drug delivery, testing equipment, biomechanics, human cell culture, and so on. Bio-medical engineering has extensive application fields, and thus high market values.


The prevalent professors in the field of bio-medical engineering focus on optical biosensors, biomechanics, dental materials, fluidic dynamics, plasma for bio-medical applications, 3D printing, and so on. While full of challenging, bio-medical engineering is a crucial and rapidly growing research field that could significantly impact the world.