Precision Machinery
Precision Machinery

Precision machinery is a research field that integrates precision mechanical design, precision measurement technology and precision machining technology. The expertise used in this research field mainly includes precision machining, precision manufacturing, precision instrument design, CAD/CAM, mechatronics, sensor, actuator, signal processing, mechanism/ mechanics, structural dynamics, optical metrology, and other modern technologies such as lasers, nanomaterials, optoelectronics, and AR/VR.

Industrial applications of precision machinery include precision instruments, precision CNC machine tools, precision gear machining and measuring equipment, robotics, reverse engineering, precision mold, additive manufacturing/ 3D printing, health care and sports equipment, biomedical equipment, wind turbine manufacturing equipment, and precision transmission components, manufacturing automation and inspection equipment, semiconductor equipment and fabrication, flat panel display processes and equipment, solar cell manufacturing and processing equipment, automated optical inspection equipment, laser processing equipment, smart vehicles, AR/VR and many more.

The relevant professors in our department working on precision machinery researches focus on precision CNC machine tools, gear machining, additive manufacturing/ 3D printing, robotics, new energy (such as solar cells and wind turbines) manufacturing equipment, biomedical equipment, health care and sports equipment, smart vehicles, reverse engineering, and AR/VR, etc. We welcome all the students who are interested in these fields to join us.