Optical and Mechatronic Integration Topic
Optical and Mechatronic Integration Topic

    The opto-mechatronics integration system integrates optoelectronic and mechantronic systems. It achieves the objectives of improving mechanical and electrical system performances, regulating the energy and transmission of light, and regulating optoelectronic components. The expertise used in this field of research mainly includes optics, image processing, system dynamics, automatic control, electronic circuits, sensors, actuators, signal processing, precision machinery, structural dynamics, laser physics and optoelectronics etc.

    Industrial applications of optical and electromechanical integrated systems include automated manufacturing and inspection equipment, microcontroller applications, actuator and controller design, laser processing technology, optical imaging technology, biomedical photoelectric detection equipment, laser biomedical surgery, optical communication components and optical modulation components, digital cameras and mobile phones, the camera's autofocus and zoom lens, CD player, flat panel display, optical projector, 3D optical display, optical scanner, laser printer, etc. are numerous.

In recent years, the optical and electromechanical integration system has emphasized the integration of microelectromechanical technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology, such as laser processing technology with nano resolution, nano material with laser technology, and optical microscope with nano resolution, micro-electromechanical optical communication switch, ultra-high storage density nano material optical disc, nano carbon tube flat panel display, biomedical optical detection technology, bio-wafer detection technology. The opto-mechatronics integration system is a challenging cross-disciplinary technology and an emerging technology field full of opportunities and prospects. Students are welcome to join.