Name of Lab Room Number Advising Professor Extension
Structural Materials Group
Opto-Mechatronics Stuctural Analysis Lab. Factory 202 Liu, De-Shin 23347
Materials Lab. Factory 204 Aoh, Jong-Ning 23345
Opto-Mechatronics Stuctural Analysis Lab. Factory 202 Cheng, Chih-Chun 23347
Sttuctural Facture & Fatigue Lab. ME 532C Lin, Pai-Chen  23353
Photonic Nanosturctures and Devices Lab. Factory 307 Chang, Guo-En  23340
Properties Analysis and Structure Simulation Lab. ME 417B Wu, Yi-Chuang 23334
Design Manufacturing Group
CNC Lab. ME 317B Lin, Rong-Shine 23332
Precision Transimission Lab. ME 533A Fong, Zhang-Hua 23331
CAD/CAM Lab. ME 532B Yau, Hong-Tzong 23342
Posture Control and Analysis Lab. ME 109 Eileen Chih-Ying Yang 23349
Optics and Mechanism Lab. ME 417B Tsai, Chung-Yu  23330
Thermal Flow Group
Bio-Medical Thermofluid Lab. Factory 304 Hsieh, Wen-Hsin 23355
Aerospace and Clean Energy Lab. ME 533C Yang, Hang-Suin  23361
Micro/Nano Biomedical Systems Lab. ME 208 Jen, Chun-Ping 23362
Fuel Cell Lab. ME 113 Chen, Yong-Song 23339
Applied Plasma Lab. ME 430B Lin, Kun-Mo 23336
Automatic Control Group
Automatic Control and Factory 203. Factory 203 Cheng, Jungwei John 23348
Automatic Control and Factory 203. Factory 203 Chen, Shyh-Leh 23348
Feedback System Lab. ME 110 Hong, Boe-Shong  23360
Mechatronics Control Lab  Factory 203 Yau, Her-Terng  23359
Advanced Intelligent System Laboratory ME 533B Kuo, Ping-Huan  23338
Optical and Mechatronic Integration Group
Intelligent Opto-Mechatronic Device Integration laboratory Innovation Buliding R229 Wang, Hsiang-Chen 23634
Laboratory of OLED Optoelectronic Display Innovation Buliding R231 Wang, Ching-Wu 23631
Micro Opto-Mechatronic Material and Device Laboratory Innovation Buliding R221 Ting, Chu-Chi 23633
Advanced Optical and Heat Flow Design Laboratory Innovation Buliding R217 Ye, Zhi Ting 23645